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About Us

We work with mid-sized companies by providing digital strategies and technology roadmaps which lead to the implementation of solutions at the edge of the enterprise. Companies looking to extend the life of their infrastructure or enterprise resource planning(ERP) systems, will find our approach delivers a higher return on investment (ROI) at substantially lower risks to the enterprise.

Problems We Address

Companies who choose to work with X42 Ventures have some of the following characteristics:

  • A desire to get closer to customers, suppliers or employees via web, eCommerce or mobile.
  • Are considering an ERP replacement and/or want to extend the life of their current system.
  • Disruption is currently happening in their marketplace.
  • The traditional supply chain is changing and they need to respond with technical solutions.
  • A desire to grow and scale the business through an omni channel strategy.

We combine strategy and technology to develop a prototype with Project X42, our integration platform. With a minimum of investment, companies can explore how they can respond rapidly to new market dynamics.



We leverage our integration platform to build Web Sites and custom applications at the edge of the enterprise. It's a low risk, high value approach to solve your IT challenges.


We can help you define a digital strategy and layout the technology roadmap to guide your business through the technology jungle. From software selections to custom solutions, we will help you make the best choices based on your specific needs.


We are experts at leveraging technology to grow sales and to create stickiness with your customers. A digital channel to your customer can deliver 'frictionless' revenue at improved margins.

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17304 Preston Road 
Suite 800
Dallas, Texas 75252
  • 17304 Preston Road
    Suite 800
    Dallas, Texas 75252